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Boukan restaurant offers an in-dining Haitian Caribbean fusion food experience, located in Greektown Toronto. Owned by Haitian Torontonians Amir Senat, Ricardo Province. Boukan is a new culinary concept in Toronto, presenting Haitian street food in a more fun and unique way. Our style of cooking magical flavours captivates Torontonians & visitors in town. Our niche product, Fritay, are fresh to order and organic, where possible; to ensure Boukan flavours stay consistent. The food is presented in a very colourful and artistic way; and the restaurant is very warm and inviting, to make our guests feel “an at home” & welcoming vibe. Our history is an important part of our culture and so we also would like to have that translated as guests come into our space. We aim to create an entirely sustainable menu and business model, to be able to trademark and franchise in the future.

Since opening in December 2019, Boukan has been featured in the Amex "Shop Small" campaign, The Hustle Never Dies "Mo Eats Local” online food blog and BlogTO, as one of the top restaurants in 2020. The restaurant has also been featured as one of the top 10 restaurants in the Beaches neighbourhood, in a real estate lifestyle magazine called Grace & Co & most recently featured as top 6 best Black Owned Caribbean Restaurants across North America by Black Restaurant Week (

We are a local Toronto restaurant that loves to highlight other local community artists’ within the arts, culture, and entertainment industries, while bringing the community together through our weekly events; whether it’s our comedy night, open mic night, or collaborating with other local community organizers to host a community event.

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