Cocktail by Boukan

what's Boukan?
Boukan means "campfire" in English and became memories of happiness, joy & togetherness

Ricardo Province, Co-founder of Boukan

A pinch of love in every dish

A portrait of ricardo province, co-owner of boukan

Ricardo Province
Co-founder & CEO, Boukan

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Since 2019, we have brought the magic of Haiti to Toronto.

Boukan restaurant offers an in-dining Haitian Caribbean fusion food experience, located in Greektown Toronto. Founded by Haitian Torontonians Amir Senat, Ricardo Province & Marc-Elie Lissade, the goal of Boukan is to express the rich culture of Haiti and creole cuisine to Toronto, presenting Haitian street food in a more fun and unique way.

Our history is an important part of our culture and so we also would like to have that translated as guests come into our space. You will experience the positive and energetic vibes of Boukan.

Our style of cooking magical flavours captivates Torontonians & visitors in town. Our niche product, Fritay, are fresh to order and organic, where possible; to ensure Boukan flavours stay consistent. The food is presented in a very colourful and artistic way; and the restaurant is very warm and inviting, to make our guests feel “an at home” & welcoming vibe.

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Wide range of meals, drinks and dessert

The Bak Fritay Deluxe comes with a little bit of everything: four proteins (chicken, beef, goat and pork), sweet or green plantains, deep-fried thyme-spiced dumplings called marinade, akra (taro fritters), pikliz (a vinegary coleslaw electrified with scotch bonnet), rice and peas, some rich Haitian gravy for dunking or dousing

- Toronto Life Magazine

chef leon, head chef at boukan

Chef Leon
Head Chef, Boukan

Fun. Fast. Tasty. Delicious.

Cocktail by boukan

Taste of Haiti

Boukan brings the vibrant spirit of Haiti to your table with an authentic array of culinary treasures that tell the story of a rich and diverse culture.

Our menu is a celebration of Haiti's heritage, offering a taste of the island's bold flavors, fresh ingredients, and traditional recipes passed down through generations.

Experience the warmth of Haitian hospitality as we invite you to savor dishes that are prepared with passion and served with pride. Join us at Boukan for an unforgettable journey through the heart of Haiti's culinary landscape, where every bite is a testament to the island's history, resilience, and enduring spirit.

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Francine Joseph
Business Manager, Boukan

Francine Joseph, General Manager at Boukan

Francine Joseph
Business Manager, Boukan