July 27, 2023

The Best Restaurants in the Danforth

John Willison

Executive Chef

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Located in the heart of Greektown in the Danforth, Boukan Edible Bliss offers a Haitian-Caribbean fusion food experience that is unlike any other restaurant in the city. Boukan’s fresh and exciting menu paired with its lively and vibrant atmosphere have made it one of the most popular restaurants in the neighbourhood. Boukan takes its name from the Creole word for campfire, specifically, the historic fires which were central to the gatherings held by Haitian slaves where dancing, food, and culture were shared. The boukan was a place that symbolized happiness, joy, and togetherness during difficult times. Owners Amir Senat and Ricardo Province had a simple goal when they opened Boukan; to express the rich culture of Haiti and Creole food in a fun and modern way.

The food at Boukan Edible Bliss is presented in an extremely colourful and artistic fashion. Boukan’s menu is comprised of classic Haitian street food with a fun modern twist. Some of the standout items on the Boukan menu include the jerk chicken sandwich, the vegan Boukanye burger, the plantain bowls, and the brown butter Hennessy chicken and waffles. While Boukan has an eclectic menu of delicious items, their signature dish has to be the Fritay, which are an assortment of different fried foods. Make sure to leave room for dessert because Boukan serves an outstanding banana beignet.

First Published on Storwell.com

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